Login after ROS install

Is there a way without SSH after doing an ROS install ?

Example, I did ROS install with my SSH.
A couple of week later I changed the cloud config with ROS config and restarted
But the NFS mount wasn’t able to map and rancher never finished to boot so the ssh login was disabled.

Loggin in safe mode with a default user would be useful if I go directly on the VM (VMWare)


It has been a while since I was watching the console during a boot but I believe there is a boot menu that gives you an option of auto logging in so that you can do maintenance

Yess but it’s asking password if I remember.

Selecting Autologin at the above boot menu should log you straight into a prompt


I’ve just tried but the OS never finished to boot using this option. It was stuck loading the image.

Default login works though.