RancherOS on VirtualBox new user questions

Using windows, I made a virtual machine in VirtualBox 5.2.
I got RancherOS iso and attached it to the vm.
It boots into RancherOS ok.
I made a ssh key file and got it copied to RancherOS.
I made a cloud-config file that set dhcp to true and had the ssh key.
I changed the rancher account password.
I did a ros install.
I removed the RancherOS iso from the vm and booted it.
It boots to RancherOS, but I can’t log in.
The virtual machine console has a login prompt, but I can’t login with rancher / the new password.
I would like to get to the RancherOS from my pc, but I don’t know what its ip address is.
I’m new to RancherOS and containers.
Should I be able to log in on the console?
Should I be able to get to containers on the RancherOS vm from the pc that is hosting the vm?
If so, how do I find what ip address the container is using?
Thanks for any advice.

If you want to set a password for user rancher, you need to set kernel parameters.
Maybe this command can help you:

ros install -d <your device> -c <your cloud-config.yml> --append="rancher.password=<your password>"