Logspout not logging stdout/stderr

I’ve tried both the non-Rancher and Rancher versions of logspouts, but all seem to only log Docker messages and not the stdout/stderr of the individual containers. Is this intentional?

I’m coming from Tutum, and the installation of logspout would pipe all output.

I know it is logging, because it shows up in docker logs, but that is never piped to my syslog output.

This was due to the fact that -it is the default option when creating a service. I’m not sure how often -it are used to create a service, but it seems like none should be the interface default.

-it is automatically set because the container that we have as a default image is ubuntu and without it, the container wouldln’t stay up and running.

How many people are actually using the ubuntu image by default? It seems like an odd design choice for the interface.

To just play around with Rancher and its concepts, ubuntu is one of the simple images that most people would use to start with.

Here are my thoughts, take them with a grain of salt:

  1. Even your scenario would likely just be first use. Each subsequent use of the interface should be to bring up normal images, a vast majority of which -it is inappropriate. You’ve made an interface decision based on what might be someone’s first use case, instead of on broad usage patterns.

  2. If you know Docker enough to install Rancher, it’s unlikely you’re playing with Docker / Ubuntu for the first time.