Longhorn PVC Bound but associated PV Terminating

On Longhorn > Volume board, a Longhorn volume shows Healthy, Bound, and Attached to a pod. However, ‘kubectl get pv’ shows the PV status is Terminating.

Any idea what is happening and any suggestion on how to fix? Thanks very much!

Rancher v2.7.9, Kubernetes Version: v1.26.11, longhorn:102.3.1+up1.5.3

Describe the PVC showing status Bound

$ kubectl describe pvc data1-minio-tenant-1-pool-0-2
Name:          data1-minio-tenant-1-pool-0-2
Namespace:     minio-tenant-1
StorageClass:  longhorn
Status:        Bound
Volume:        pvc-471bce87-365d-4f70-baa9-7cb3874efa57

Describe the PV showing status Terminating

$ kubectl describe pv pvc-471bce87-365d-4f70-baa9-7cb3874efa57
Name:            pvc-471bce87-365d-4f70-baa9-7cb3874efa57
Labels:          <none>
Annotations:     longhorn.io/volume-scheduling-error:
                 pv.kubernetes.io/provisioned-by: driver.longhorn.io
Finalizers:      [kubernetes.io/pv-protection external-attacher/driver-longhorn-io]
StorageClass:    longhorn
Status:          Terminating (lasts 13d)
Claim:           minio-tenant-1/data1-minio-tenant-1-pool-0-2
Reclaim Policy:  Retain
Access Modes:    RWO

Any idea what is happening and any suggestion on how to fix? Thanks very much!

There could be many possible reasons for this behaviour :expressionless:
To answer this question, unfortunately, you have to do your homework and verify the logs.
In the current situation, however, it is apparent that there is an inconsistency in the volume state.
If it is possible (and necessary) make a copy of data of this volume and remove the finalizer at the edit level of the volume descriptor.


Thanks @R2D2 for your response.

Given the RECLAIMPOLICY of the longhorn storageClass being Retain, fixed the issue by backing up the PV, deleting the PVC/PV, recreating PV/PVC from the Longhorn volume.