PVC mount fails

After some machine failure I had to reduce my k3s cluster to two machines.

I will explain procedure of one K3S installed application, but “all” applications are affected.
After seeing failed replicas in Longhorn I deleted those and set replica count down to 2. As it seems, no data loss… All fine with the remaining to replicas.

Restarting the Pod or redeploying the Deployment I get the following error:

MountVolume.WaitForAttach failed for volume “pvc-a36f7011-ed70-4204-9258-168e02d114fc” : volume attachment is being deleted

I can see in Longhorn GUI the Pod accessing the volume, but in K3S it continuously shows the error above. Some ATTACH / DETACH experiments did not succeed. The PVC is visible in Longhorn GUI and therefore not seem to be deleted.

How can I get my pod running with this PVC … or at least recover my Data?

Thanks, Wolfram