Low performance in domU with phy access and lvm

I have 2 PV domU, running on the Dom0
domU-A: SLES 11SP3 PV initially installed as a SLES11SP1 in PV mode
DomU-B: SLES 11SP1 PV is a P2V
Dom0: a SLES11SP3

I notice that the sequential write about your virtual disks (with phy access on lvm) is much slower in domU-B in Dom0 or DomU-A

Dom0 and DomU-A reach 30MB/s write (the lower number is the result of the configuration of the raid controller), but DomU-B: only achieves 10MB/s.

Both are running the xenblk domU modules, which you can not look to see what is missing to configure domU-A

what I understand is that domU-A (SLES11SP3) and are using pvops domU-B (SLESSp1) is using xenlinux, the problem may be associated with that?

Have you seen this thread?


It describes a similar issue.

Kevin Boyle - Knowledge Partner
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