Lvm extend partition


How can I extend lvm partition ?
I extended hard disk under vmware for SUSE, system recognize new size but vgextend reporting problem.

sdb 8:16 0 15G 0 disk
└─sdb1 8:17 0 10G 0 part
└─vg–lvm-lv–lvm 254:5 0 10G 0 lvm /lvm

Thanks for help

Please may I trouble you for any advice you have around this same topic?
I have extended the disk in VMWare and can see the new size when I run fdisk -l but not when I run vgdisplay.
However, if I run vgextend I get device is already in Volume Group.
As you can probably tell, I’m very new to Linux, so any help will be greatly appreciated.

You have to extend the partition first (gparted from your desktop is probably the most newbie friendly for that). This may or may not extend the physical volume used by the volume group, so pvs should tell you the size of the PV used by your VG. After you do that you can use vgextend and extend any LVs with lvextend and then use the file system-specific tools.

I tend towards doing things more command-line, but you might be able to do all this within gparted.

Hello wcoateRR, thanks very much for coming back to me, but you may regret trying to help ha ha
I’m using SLES 15 sp2, can see Yast Partitioner, but not GParted.
Looked on the web for instructions installing, but none that seem to work.
Please may I trouble you for advice on the install steps to take?

Thanks again.


I’ve never used SUSE, just various Debian or Ubuntu variants & RHEL variants. You can absolutely use Yast Partitioner as well, I just don’t know how user friendly it is or isn’t. Honestly I usually use fdisk if I can (depends on partition table type), which is the least user-friendly option I’ve run into for it and not something I’d recommend for a beginner.

You’d probably be best served to look up how to use Yast Partitioner to expand a partition size and do that. Note that it might also expand the VG, LV, and/or file system size as well (I believe GParted often does that too, and it’s not that difficult to program in so I wouldn’t be too surprised either way).