Extend ext3 partition /dev/sda2

I need to increase the space of my / volume. I have edited the VM with the added space and when I look at the Partitioner on the SLES server I see the added space on the drive. Now I want to extend the partition. I found the Document for doing this and ran the command “resize2fs /dev/sda2” but it does not resize, I get the message “The filesystem is already 15202560 blocks long. Nothing to do.”

/dev/sda1 is my SWAP partition and /dev/sda2 is my / partition and the one I want to expand. How can I get this added space added to the sda2 partition?


You need to expand the partition before you can expand the filesystem
using it; using ‘parted’ (or YaST Partitioner where you already were) is a
way to do this, but you probably need to boot from external media since
you are expanding the root (/) filesystem from which you are running
everything. Either way, though, you need to grow the partition before you
grow the filesystem within. Look at ‘fdisk -l’ output fro your disk to see
that the partition is probably still smaller than the disk:

fdisk -l /dev/sda

Good luck.

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