Machine Drivers shows up with Error, why?

we are on rancher 1.0.1
I just noticed that under Admin > Settings, the Machine Drivers are listed with Error…see screenshot

I haven’t added these myself, as far as I recall.
What does this mean? What are the step to debug or fix this?

These are automatically added to be able to support the different UI options we have for those providers.

You are hitting this issue, which will be fixed in the next release.

Restarting Rancher server should hopefully resolve it.

thanks for the tip. I can inform that unfortunately i tried restart and it doesn’t work for me. anyway luckily we don’t use the packet or ubiquity driver

I don’t think restarting retries the download… There is a retry action though. If you don’t use them leaving them in error is harmless, and the issue that caused it to go into error in the first place will be fixed in 1.1.0-dev2.