Machine Drivers Corrupted

After upgrading from 1.0.2 to 1.1.0 I am unable to use machine drivers. All drivers are stuck in either “activating” or “deactivating” state from the UI.

The above is a screenshot of my processes view which shows that the activate/deactivate processes keep timing out after 15 seconds then spawning a new process. No other errors that I can see or a way to stop the processes.

I have the same issue, been working with support but no luck yet.

@Phillip_Ulberg any updates from support? This makes rancher entirely unusable for me at the moment

@Phillip_Ulberg I managed to fix this by moving rancher to a different hosting provider (From France to London), which caused only some to fail instead of all of the drivers. They would also fail intermittently between activating and deactivating which made me think the timeouts were caused by latency.

In the end I moved hosting provider again, but this time to the same data centre as the remote database. It appears the small amount of latency (Ireland AWS to London Digital Ocean) caused the driver activation/deactivation to timeout. Now they pass every time when everything is in Ireland, AWS.

I hope this helps get to the root of your problem!

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I did a test based on your results and moved my Rancher server EC2 instance to the same AZ as my RDS database, viola!, machine-drivers working now. Thanks for doing the testing for me :slight_smile: and pointing me in the right direction.

@marcqualie curious about the OS you’re using for rancher server, do you mind sharing that?