Make nginx ingress listen to another port


We currently have a 3 nodes bare metal cluster. Due to our specific case, we need it so that the Ingress would listen to a different port aside from port 80. Based on this link it seems that the k8s nginx ingress has support for this. But I can’t seem to make it work. I tried setting hostNetwork to true, and DNS Policy to ClusterFirstWithHostNet to the deployment/default-http-backend of the namespace ingress-nginx.

With my change I could access the ingress at <node_ip>:8080 but the Ingress rule only works when accessing via port 80.

I have a work around which is to port forward 8080 to port 80 to each of the node with the ingress available but looking if Rancher has a native solution.

Thank you.

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I too would like this solution. Have you found one?