Mesos deployed from Rancher template is too old. How to get new?


I’m evaluating Rancher for the purpose of managing containerized workloads. Generally it looks very good and the whole idea of the tool is very attractive.

But I have some problems with Mesos environment deployed from Rancher 1.3.3 on CentOS 7:

  1. Mesos is too old: 0.28.1
  2. Marathon is too old: 1.1.1
  3. Mesos discovered only half of the compute resources available on my agent machines (1 of 2 available cores, half memory available). I’m not sure whether it’s related to Rancher or Mesos itself

How can I update to fresh Mesos and Marathon? I guess I need to take some ‘text’ form of the template and edit it. But I don’t know how to do that. Seems, this topic is not documented.

Any advice would be highly appreciated.