Mesosphere implementation

Hello all,

First of, my hats off to the Rancher team, I’ve been watching the videos, reading the docs, blogs, etc., this thing rocks!!

I have a query about implementing it into/with a existing Mesosphere cluster. I read the blog post about creating a Mesosphere cluster using Rancher but in my case is the other way around, use Rancher to orchestrate an app deployment on Mesosphere.

I watched the July meetup video and one of the answers to the questions at the end was the Rancher can be used in conjunction with Mesosphere. My question is how. So far the only thing that comes to mind is exporting the docker-compose file and point it to Mesos (using Swarm), but I would loose what Rancher offers in the rancher-compose file. Has anyone have any success using it with Mesosphere?

I am most appreciative of your input.

There is currently an initiative to integrate Rancher and Apache Mesos to gain fault tolerance, reliability from Mesos and the utility, usability of Rancher. This integration will work like this.

The user will request for a “Mesos” host (following a process similar to requesting a Digitalocean/AWS host). The best host required for this job would then be identified by Mesos and provided to Rancher. Rancher will install an agent on this host, and provide all its capabilities (private networking, load balancing, service discovery and whole bunch of others) to it.

Once this host is provided to Rancher, you can use it like any other host. When you are done using it, you can just delete the host or hold onto it to schedule tasks in the future.

The user would have the capability to specify CPU, Memory and Disk size required in the host.

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