General Rancher questions


we want to implement Rancher (self-hosted in Kubernetes), but I have a few questions and would be very happy if someone could answer one or more of those:

  1. Setting up new clusters with Rancher seems quite easy. All of our clusters have a few ‘standard applications’ that needs to be installed in every new cluster. Is there any way to define a set of deployments that will be auto deployed when a new cluster is created via Rancher?

  2. Let’s assume that our Rancher instance isn’t availabe/will be deleted/is lost. We are still able to use the Kubernetes Cluster (for example via Dashboard or kubectl). Are there any disavantages or some problems with the cluster, when the Rancher instance isn’t available anymore?

  3. Is it possible to migrate one cluster from a provider to a different provider? Can data from volumes be transferred as well?

  4. When importing an existing cluster (created with kubeadm), are there any functional restrictions in using Rancher? Are there things that we cannot use from Rancher?

  5. Just to be sure: The CD feature makes it possible to deploy images (or update existing deployments with a new image version) for all clusters?

  6. The backup/restoring process will not only include etcd data, but also data from attached PV’s?

Thank you very much for your help :slight_smile: