Micro Focus Partner status exams


Just wandering if anyone has taken some for new MF Partner Technical accreditation exams ?

My guys did some (OES, ZCM, iPrint) and they reported they were insanely difficult. So I tried one for myself. I’m working with OES since Netware 3.11 and I really was surprised at the difficulty of the exam. It would be fine if it really demanded technical knowledge, but more than 70% of questions (80 questions in 90 minutes btw) are those “tricky ones” - select all that apply, all answers seem correct, must remember exact choices you get in a GUI or CLI, …

Not sure what MF is trying to do ?

Your opinions ?

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My experience has been similar.

The actual value seems low of testing this info. I have disagreed and
thought several answers incorrect, factually. The level of detail
required is pointless, and not of value.


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I agree but the exams have always been like that. Especially the sales
exams are terrible, having to memorize a load of American titles etc.
It’s just to chew up. Luckily it’s possible to take them several times.


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Initial contact was through a telephone interview with a Sr. Recruiter.
The Sr. Recruiter was excellent to work with. He communicated with me
every step of the way. The Sr. Recruiter was very professional and also
very personable. He made me feel like my comments and concerns were very
important for him to hear.


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[QUOTE]Originally Posted by Mare Selan
I can’t find any information about the certification levels and how to renew a certification if there’s a latest product version update. Do I need to test my skills and [COLOR="#333333"]do my homework[/COLOR] with the downloaded test preparation package.[/QUOTE]

There are four certification levels on the MicroFocus official:

[]Micro Focus Specialist
]Micro Focus Certified Professional
[]Micro Focus Certified Expert
]Micro Focus Certified Master

They are also offering delta-exams for the candidates who want to renew their certification.