Migrate Longhorn from v2.4.x to v2.5.1


I have re-imported cluster with Longhorn from Rancher v2.4.x to v2.5.1. Longhorn is still running, but I can’t access it’s UI, how can I enable it in v2.5.1? Do i have to re-install Longhorn in 2.5.1?

Hi, Can you check if you can find Longhorn on Rancher - Cluster Manager Mode (the old UI rather than the new UI) - APP page first? If NO, the related info is lost when the cluster is re-imported by Rancher v2.5.1. Then we may need to ask for Rancher Team’s help.

Yes, It was in App in Default project before (used the URL there to access the UI), not anymore :frowning: looked in other projects as well.

All right. I will ask for Rancher Team’s help.

Not sure what I did (or may be it just needed some time), but I can see/access the Longhorn UI through Longhorn menu item in the upper left corner combobox.