Cluster Explorer vs Cluster Manager

It looks like from v2.5 more and more functionally is being deprecated from Cluster Manager and more and more is being moved into Cluster Explorer. The same I see with application using the catalog but installed from Cluster Manager, and it looks like you need to uninstall them and reinstall from Cluster Explorer. This is a big pain!

I personally don’t like the new Cluster Explorer but it looks like this is the direction Rancher is going.
The problem is the move and old to new setup. Also how is this support to work with terraform ?
Currently I’m using rancher2_catalog and rancher_app to install an application. Do I need to move to rancher2_catalog_v2 and rancher_app_v2 ?

Apps and the catalog in the old UI are a custom thing that doesn’t work with the native Helm; they’re a separate resource which wraps helm and that was needed to provide sane security because helm 2.x had no concept of multi-tenant access to tiller to restrict who should be able to deploy charts that deploy what kind of resources.

Apps and the catalog in the new UI are just helm 3. Helm 3 has no tiller anymore and (sanely) runs as the user making the call, so none of what we added to solve that is necessary anymore. If you deploy an app with the helm cli, it shows up in the UI now, and vice-versa. The standard helm terraform provider works.

Both are still available so can move things one at a time, but yes there’s no direct migration path because they don’t store quite the same things to convert easily.