Migrate sles12 system from smt to suse manager


I have a sles12 system registered on our local smt-server. Now we want move it to SuSE manager.

  • System is already registered on SuSE Manager via bootstrap script
  • edited the file “/etc/SUSEConnect” manually and directed it to suse manager (system is direct connected without proxy)
  • when trying to make “zypper migration” for update to sles12 sp3 it leads to the message
    “Your Registration Proxy server doesn’t support this function. Please update it and try again.”

/etc/SUSEConnect is the SCC/SMT registration configuration and not used in SUSE Manager. Please run the SP migration from the Manager UI, not via zypper command line.

Thank you for your hint, kwk. That’s what I did but this leads into another error message which I don’t remember exactly but it says some about "please run setup wizard… " and so on

You need to download (sync) the respective channels to SUSE Manager first. See https://www.suse.com/documentation/suse-manager-3/book_suma_getting-started_31/data/quickstart_first_channel_sync.html
Then https://www.suse.com/documentation/suse-manager-3/book_suma_getting-started_31/data/preparing_and_registering_clients.html shows you how to register a client.

You can find additional information in our public wiki: https://wiki.microfocus.com/index.php?title=SUSE_Manager/ServicePackMigration

You’re right! But all those cross checks still leading to the same error-message. I opened a Service Request - The systems (Server and Client) are okay. Because there are multiple calls from different customers with the same problem I think it’s a bug and should be solved soon.