Migration from SP2 to SP3 unsuccessful?

Hello everyone,

I have been trying to update my system (SLED 11 SP2) to SP3, however, unsuccessfully.

I used yast2-wagon method from the step-by-step guide: http://www.novell.com/support/kb/doc.php?id=7012368

However, at ‘Distribution Upgrade Settings’ window I have been getting conflicts for some packages (mostly -devel ones). Since I’m using Software Development Kit repos, I tried to download and enable SDK SP3. Afterwards, I tried the upgrade again and I got no conflicts, so I continued the update.
After reboot, however, the system is still at SP2 and if I run yast2-wagon again, it still shows the migration and all previous conflicts. In addition, now it’s not dealing with SLED repos correctly (enabling only SP3 ones, even after aborting the update).

I’ve had a very similar problem when going from SP1 to SP2 and can’t quite recall doing anything in particular to solve it (although I’m at SP2 now)…

I’m quite lost, to be honest… Would appreciate any help :slight_smile:

Thank you

I’d try the zypper method instead. I used that method on several machines with the SDK repos enabled and didn’t have any problems. Although none of the machines were registered in any way so I skipped the suse_register commands and I manually added required repos. (I mirror SLED and SDK repos locally and configure machines I manage to use those.) Also I didn’t bother specifying repos with zypper dup, I didn’t see the point since at that stage the only enabled repos were the SLED SP3 and SDK SP3 repos. I guess if you have third party repos you should specify the repos to use though.

Yes, I decided to go for zypper as well. After a lot of pain, it finally seems to have updgraded. yast2-wagon is pretty useless, I suppose :confused:

Thank you.