Migration PreStep details required

Dear Team,

There is a scenario where working Rancher RKE based kubernates cluster workers/master servers need to be migrated from hypervisor to vmware in ON-PREM env. On such scenario is there any specific STEPS need to be considered i.e., especially on Rancher level STEPS [Pre/During/Post] need to be considered apart from server / storage / network levels.

[ OR ]

rke1 or rke up is enough to bring up the rancher cluser as the Rancher Certificate, cluser.yaml, rke-state file. kubeconfile are all there as part of server full backup restoration and IP / Hostname also updated with same naming conventionā€¦


Any update on the below noteā€¦ currently we are facing dns resolution issue which is not allowing POD to communication sub-system vm instance that reside on same vlan.

one more point missed to update that the same rancher with kubernates on HyperView working as expected.

So when lift and shift the cluster from Hyberview to vmware do we need to rebuild the cluster using rke config or any specific approach or documentation there to proceed,

It will be really greate if some expert from rancher share their thoughts.