Minio Helm Chart on Rancher 2.3

Hello together,
I am trying since days to get the Minio Helm chart working. Unfortunately, the documentation for it is everything but self explanatory. Would be great if someone could provide help on it. I am trying to make Minio accessible outside of the cluster via https. I use the stable helm chart with the following command line and config.yaml

helm upgrade -f config.yaml --namespace minio --install minio stable/minio

existingSecret: “minio-secret”
size: 50Gi

and I provided minio-secret with accesskey and secretkey upfront. The minio deployment afterwords runs successful with a clusterIP service on port 9000. But I do not get a link to the minio webinterface by default. I now tried to make minio accessible via an ingress. Note, my ingress with cert-manager is working for other deployments. I now tried to setup in ingress for the minio service on port 9000 following the tutorial here.

Unfortunately, according to the tutorial even the first part for http access (without providing annotations and tls certificate) is not working. I get an ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR when I try to access the webinterface.

I have seen that the minio helm chart comes with a lot of configuration options for tls and ingress. I tried a rich set of configuration options but could not make any progress with it. The documentation of the parameters seems to be impossible to understand for me. It would be great if someone could provide a values.yaml that I can see what would be required here and how I have to setup the ingress afterwards. Thanks for your help.


Hello together, I fortunately found a link which describes how the minio configuration is to be used. So following values.yaml solved my problem. I document it here for other running into the same issue


existingSecret: "minio-secret"

    enabled: true
    storageClass: "openebs-retained-hostpath"
    accessMode: ReadWriteOnce
    size: 50Gi

    type: ClusterIP

  enabled: true
  annotations: letsencrypt-prod "true"
  path: /
    - hosts:

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