Rancher 2.5 not serving HTTPS sites with HTTPS links on the ingresses

I have had many weeks of everything working normally, and if I reinstalled (again) every node I’m sure it would work. I just did a reinstall of K3S and Rancher Helm chart on top, but same thing: The main rancher gui ingress https cert works great, the browser redirects and says it’s a secure site. But, using any of my other certs on ingress with any workload answers on port 80 but does not redirect to https. I just checked and if I specify HTTPS it works normally, but otherwise clicking the https:// link gives the insecure site version.

I also have a 5-node Raspberry Pi 4 cluster with the same architecture of K3S with 2.5 on top. This one works normailly with the exact same certs. I am using the stable version on both clusters. Has anyone run into this?