Mirror credentials error.

I was just wondering if anyone has noticed a problem with their Mirror credentials not currently working, I am getting the error of
Exception occured when accessing https://nu.novell.com/repo/repoindex.xml
The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized.

When I try to access the repo index. Copying and pasting the URL prompts for my Mirror Credentials but they do not give me access, I was able to access this yesterday. I do know of one other person who is experiencing this so I know it’s not restricted to me.
By troubleshooting it, it looks as though there is a problem on the end of Novell as everything else is configured correctly.
If anybody could share some light on this I would be grateful. Using Suse Enterprise Server 11 SP 2.


It works for me using my mirror credentials (just an xml list) however,
I’m not able to get to other places to see rpms (as I have in the past).

I have asked my SUSE contacts to investigate :wink:

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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Thanks Malcolm,
I did ring them only to be given an email address to contact and they haven’t replied yet so I am at a loss. Cannot retrieve any patches and there is currently 3 outstanding.

still until now, copying&pasting the URLs from my MirrorCredentials doesn’t even prompt me for Username/passwort as I was used to. There’s immediately Error 403 Access denied.
I have opened ServiceRequest Service Request: 10821847041

Greetings, Det

Meanwhile I’ve set up a testing SMT-Server - he can mirror the URLs from one of my mirror-credentials!

BUT SOMETHING MUST HAVE BEEN CHANGED after the disturbance around March21
Before MArch 21 the URLs have also been accessible with a webbrowser or “wget --http-user=12345678 --http-password=its_my_s3cret…”

But what if my Subscriptions are spreaded over more than one Customer-Id? Until now I didn’t found a way to use multiple mirror-credentials with a single SMT :frowning:

Regards, Det

i am having the same issue…is there any update to this problem?
as i posted here :https://forums.suse.com/showthread.php?2744-NCC-connection-failed

I had the same issue. I think it was resolved yesterday or today.
It is working for me again.