Missing namespaces fleet-local,fleet-system and cattle-fleet-system on docker rancher 2.6 k3s cluster local

Hi ,

is there any way to reinstall fleet and restore the namespace fleet-local, fleet-system and cattle-fleet-system on a k3s cluster local into docker rancher v2.6 ?

We lost the namespace and fleet helm chart installed on k3s local cluster .

There is a way to restore ?
Reinstalling fleet helm chart on k3s local is possible ?

on a good installation of k3s cluster I see this chart installed:

fleet-agent      	fleet-system       	6       	2021-09-28 14:22:33.708290899 +0000 UTC	deployed	fleet-agent-v0.0.0+s-2879661f9d0e3cfaea1b12951bb30640413f45ac5ccec4579b5c261733160      	           
fleet-agent-local	cattle-fleet-system	11      	2021-09-29 10:26:56.559050753 +0000 UTC	deployed	fleet-agent-local-v0.0.0+s-35dfbcb47baa590da154eddc444fe735621d85f0200606225be98d687ffa8	           
fleet-crd        	fleet-system       	4       	2021-05-10 12:26:36.566405115 +0000 UTC	deployed	fleet-crd-0.3.500                                                                       	0.3.5      
fleet-crd        	cattle-fleet-system	1       	2021-09-16 06:39:31.49270363 +0000 UTC 	deployed	fleet-crd-100.0.0+up0.3.6                                                               	0.3.6      
rancher-webhook  	cattle-system      	4       	2021-09-16 06:39:07.219409723 +0000 UTC	deployed	rancher-webhook-1.0.0+up0.2.0                                                           	0.2.0      

But I don’t find v0.0.0+s version on rancher repo or something which refers to fleet-agent-local
rancher https://charts.rancher.io

rancher/fleet                      	100.0.0+up0.3.6 	0.3.6      	Fleet Manager - GitOps at Scale                   
rancher/fleet-agent                	100.0.0+up0.3.6 	0.3.6      	Fleet Manager Agent - GitOps at Scale             
rancher/fleet-crd                  	100.0.0+up0.3.6 	0.3.6      	Fleet Manager CustomResourceDefinitions 

Is there any way to reistall fleet-agent on cluster local via helm chart ?