No logging...maybe due to missing cattle-system namespace?

Recently I’ve set up a test cluster using rke v1.0.14, but I realized that I couldn’t get any logs from my pods. Then I compared it with my production cluster and realized that I’m missing the cattle-system namespace. This should have a pod where I can configure logging. Why is it missing, and how can I get it back? I tried running rke up again but no change.

The cluster has 1 master and 1 worker node, running inside VirtualBox VMs. Aparently I’m also missing the fleet-system namespace.

$ kubectl get ns
default Active 2d1h
development Active 2d
ingress-nginx Active 2d1h
kube-node-lease Active 2d1h
kube-public Active 2d1h
kube-system Active 2d1h