Missing packages: liboping0-devel and brotli


We are starting to use SLE-15 in my work environment, so I am currently working on recompiling every software we made use SLE-15 packages.
So far, so good, but I saw that liboping0 is included, without the liboping0-devel package. There is only liboping0-debugsource that includes the header, but I feel a bit… worried to use something like -I/usr/src/debug/… in my argument list.

I’ve got another issue, with the brotli CLI tools. libbrotli is available, e.g. for nginx, so it’s perfectly fine at runtime, but if we created, or want to create brotli files, then the command line is needed, and… not available in SLE, as far as I know.

Is there any reason for those missing packages? Am I missing something?