Missing PHP5 Modules

SLES 12 with php 5.5.x. Need to find/install php5-posix!! I have added both SDK discs to the add-on repo, still no php5-posix. Where does one get this package? Or what package provides php5-posix?

Found it from the opensuse build service

I have the same problem with a different module php5-phar. Need it for another app. Also needed to go to opensuse for it. Starting to think SLES 12 wasn’t really ready for production use. Finding a lot of missing packages that are heavily used today, like memcached & drush for drupal environemnts.

I have a question for SUSE: Why are there missing modules for php5 which is used so heavily ?

we ran into the same issue trying to install Composer, needed in a Web project:
The install routing repors:

Currently , PHAR (PHP archive) support is missing from SLES12, although it should be part of PHP core:

Perhaps things change, if customers report their need to SuSE (as we did): it is a decision of product management at SuSE.

P.S. SuSE has been quite quick in officially supporting docker, and maybe you find images that do what you need.

Regards, Thomas

I wanted to weigh in on this - we use Invision Power Board for an internal messaging system. They will soon require PHAR.

Is there a package maintainer to reach out to perhaps? Judging by the README.SUSE in /usr/share/doc/packages/php this module might be missing because of an oversight, maybe. Either way, we’d be happy to help get things packaged up.

Dealing with the same issue … have a drupal project to roll out. Thinking it might be time to reassess our distro use.