Timeline for rancher-monitoring-tools chart release?

I’m asking here because I have seen a directory in the charts repo for a rancher-monitoring-tools that’s based on kube-prometheus-stack-40.1.2, and that version of kube-prometheus-stack indirectly references Grafana 9.1.2, which, among other improvements, appears to introduce a fix for an issue that occurs since Chrome 105 [1].

I previously tried and failed to upgrade Grafana to a version that’s new enough to include the fix using the current rancher-monitoring-chart release which is based on kube-prometheus-stack-19.0.3.

Knowing an intended timeline, or absence thereof, would help me decide how much more effort to put in a Grafana update within current rancher-monitoring-tools. I expect that when the new rancher-monitoring-tools drop, the integration with the fixed Grafana version would probably work out-of-the-box and require no additional effort at all after updating monitoring tools.

Thanks for your attention!

[1] https://github.com/grafana/grafana/issues/54535

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