Missing required field during stack upgrade via api

Hi - hit a road block - that I need assistance with… When attempting to upgrade a stack via the api. The error is:

“id”: “876bf339-2b6b-43ba-b3d8-69c73e2fcb54”,
“type”: “error”,
“links”: {},
“actions”: {},
“status”: 422,
“code”: “MissingRequired”,
“message”: null,
“detail”: null,
“fieldName”: “name”,
“baseType”: “error”

Target url: http://xxxx:8080/v2-beta/projects/1a72/stacks/1st205?action=upgrade with a post. The payload has been copied directly from the chrome network tab - where i did a upgrade via the UI. Heres what it basically looks like:

“dockerCompose”: “version: ‘2’\nservices:\n …”,
“rancherCompose”: “.catalog:\n name: platform\n version: 0.5\n description: Edge2Web Core Platform\n uuid: e2w-platform-0\n questions:\n - variable: “GIT_SHA”\n description: “GIT_SHA”\n label: “GIT_SHA”\n required: true\n type: “string”\n - variable: “E2W_ENVIRONMENT”\n description: “The target aws environment”\n label: “E2W Environment”\n required: true\n type: “string”\n”,
“environment”: {
“GIT_SHA”: “xxxx”,
“E2W_ENVIRONMENT”: “platform”
“externalId”: “catalog://E2W:platform:0”

I tried to add the missing fieldName ‘name’ but then i get a different error about name not being unique. Just trying to emulate in the api what the ui allows. Upgrading a stack from a catalog item.

Any help would be appreciated.