Upgrade with API problem


I’ve created a stack with the rancherClient.Environment.Create API (with the Go client)

I’m trying to upgrade that stack by adding new environment variables thru :

     envUpgrade := &client.EnvironmentUpgrade{
	DockerCompose: extractFileContent(template, "docker-compose.yml"),
	RancherCompose : extractFileContent(template, "rancher-compose.yml"),
	Environment : s.Config.Environment,

env, err = r.rancherClient.Environment.ActionUpgrade(env, envUpgrade)

But after that call, I get an error which is … asbtract :

Unknown resolution for 'true' using <config.RawService Value> at line 0, column 70

Any help on this ?

Ok, so it’s solved :slight_smile:
The problem was that the docker-compose file was not well sent to the API. So the error comes from the YAML parser used by rancher-compose