Missing ruby-augeas bindings


i wanted to use the puppet augeas type but unfortunately ruby is missing the required augeas bindings …

Error: Could not find a suitable provider for augeas

The Puppet Documentation says that we need: Augeas and The ruby-augeas bindings

I couldn’t find these bindings in:
[]SLES 12 x86_64
]sle-sdk 12 x86_64
[]sle-module-adv-systems-management 12 x86_64
]sle-module-web-scripting 12 x86_64

Please provide these bindings via the sle-module-adv-systems-management repo.



You can always install manually as it’s a gem?

There is an unsupported rpm package for SLE 12 on OBS;

Will Ask my SUSE contacts if there are plans to include.

Cheers Malcolm °¿° LFCS, SUSE Knowledge Partner (Linux Counter #276890)
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Hi malcolmlewis,

thanks for your reply.

My problem is that i’m not allowed to use external, unsupported repos.
Additionally i don’t want to install this gem manually since i don’t like maintaining these gems manually on several machines. Pushing this gem into officially supported sles repos would be my preferred way.

Thanks for asking your SUSE contacts, i’m looking forward hearing some good news :wink: