Monitoring V2 vs V1


I’m in the middle of a upgrading with Rancher 2.4 to 2.5. I’m not a fan of the new Cluster Explorer and now also the Monitoring has changed. In Rancher 2.4 the cluster monitoring was integrated into the Admin console (Cluster Manager) which was fantastic. With the new V2 Monitoring it doesn’t seem to integrate either into Cluster Manger or Explorer and you have to open an external page with Grafana. Am I correct in the assessment that monitoring won’t be integrated into any admin console any more ?

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Better integration into the Ui for v2 will be coming in an upcoming release.

Though the integration is different, the monitoring is better. We are now able to create service monitors. We were not able to do that with V1. I like the new cluster explorer better than the original UI. I do feel I have more control over rules and alerts now. I think as the product matures it will be better.