Customize monitoring section in cluster dashboard

Hi everyone,

We are running Rancher 2.7 and just installed the monitoring (prometheus-operator/kube-prometheus) chart for our clusters. After installing the monitoring chart, Rancher’s main cluster overview, the “Cluster Dashboard”, displays a pre-defined set of Grafana graphs oob. While this is very convenient and basically happens at the push of a single button, the default selection of graphs isn’t what we usually want to see and we’d like to modify the selection.

In more detail: After installing the prom monitoring chart, the Rancher cluster dashboard offers the following manual customization options: [“Cluster Metrics”, “Kubernetes Components Metrics”, “Etcd Metrics”], {“Range”: “5m”, “Refresh”: “30s”}. We would like to permanetly define these values to always display the “Cluster Metrics” of the last “1h” Range and refresh only every “5m”.

Does anyone know if these options are configurable in some configmap? Thanks!

These values are not customizable: they’re hard-coded in the UI. The UI could conceivably save those settings on a per-user basis. You are welcome to open an issue to request the feature in the rancher/dashboard repo

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Thanks for the quick reply! For reference: Customize default graph selections in monitoring section · Issue #10655 · rancher/dashboard · GitHub