Mount a disk in a folder and use it as a volume in multiple containers


I feel like a noob not finding a solution for this but the documentation is not really complete :

I have one disk with my system and images, and i need to store the data in a separate disk.

mkdir /opt/bigdisk
sudo mount /dev/sdb /opt/bigdisk
docker run -d -v /opt/bigdisk/files:/data debian

from my debian container i don’t see the content of my disk but the content of the directory as it was not mounted.

I guess i need to mount in one of the system docker but wich one ? how do i make this persistent ?

Thanks for your help !

I waiting for a working solution to share data volumes / container with

  1. Sidekicks and data only containers (
  2. Convoy volumes (

Both should be persistent. With host directories you could get some permission problems (non existing users in diferent containers and host directory permissions).
Data only containers can be used with --volumes-from and convoy volumes by volume name.