MountVolume failed rpc error


  1. Start a kubernetes job which is using a PVC. (PVC ->

  2. Starting a second Job which is using the same PVC gives the first time a problem:
    Error: Warning FailedMount 6s (x5 over 14s) kubelet, MountVolume.SetUp failed for volume “pvc-ffd37346ee3411e8” : rpc error: code = Internal desc = exit status 1

    Actions: Delete job en start job again: success!

  3. Starting a third job which is using the same PVC:
    Same problem rpc error.

    Delete job, start job result : rpc error
    Delete job, start job: success!

I started the jobs with enough time between two start job commando’s.


I am assuming you’re using CSI driver? (See )

If so, can check the troubleshooting here to get some log of CSI and post it here? You can also raise an issue at so we can easily track it.

Also please make sure you’re using the latest v0.3.2 release.

Created an issue on Github: