MT6000 & MT6600 sereis tallygenicom printer driver SLES11SP2

Dear All,

We are migrating all our applications from SOLARIS to SUSE. Also implementaing SAP CRM on SLES 11 SP2.
In our scenerio there are lot many line printers of TallyGenicom MT6000 and MT6600 sereis.

We were trying to integrate the same after trying all printer drivers available on SUSE , we opted for a driver from the following link :
After applying the driver the printing is happening from OS as well as SAP, but currently we are not able to print the bar codes.
As the printer is not able to ubderstand the control characters we are sending from OS when the same control characters are used from SOLARIS the printer is switching on the graphics mode and also turning on the barcode mode.

Any help will be highly appreciated ,as we are in verge of GO- Live .

Kausik Das

I have solved this by using Raw Queue as driver.Now from OS as well as SAP where I have used MT690 are printing barcodes .
Thanks , and let me know if some other alternative is there as well.

Kausik Das