Much higher file system usage after after upgrading 1.6.x ( or 1.5.x )

It seems like either logs or something else are now no longer log-rotated thus the disk space used by a rancher server seems to grow constantly and is far higher then it used to be.

a) I can see e.g. that the cattle/container_event table is rather big ( 120 MB ) and i guess nothing is ever flushing it, right?
b) i smell something like overlayfs leftovers while either the images or the containers are gone already. While using docker system prune i cannot free anything. I have 10 volumes when using docker volume ls, i have 308 overlayfs folders in /var/lib/docker/overlayfs - i admit i am not entirely sure how those folders are mapped to the volumes ( or / if some of those are for the different docker layers / versioning ).

If i am not entirely wrong, i seems there are about 4GB of docker layers for rancher-server, each about 900MB size, it might correlate to the amount of upgrades made on this sever ( 4 ). It might be related to that.

i am using rancher-server 1.6.7 and rancheros 1.0.4

no longer the case, seems to have been a glitch - can be closed or deleted