Multiple overlay docker network (green/blue)


Is Rancher able to manage multiple docker overlay network for green/blue, where each network is in separate network which is recognized by the other one?

means all containers in green cannot connect to all containers in blue.


Each environment has its own overlay network. Could you represent this by creating multiple environments?

As far as I know, this would mean your green/blue containers would be on separate hosts though.


In docker swarm cluster from version 1.12 it can be done, I have made a
POC, and we would like to run on cluster of hosts same green and blue

With Rancher 1.2.2, can’t you run Docker Swarm inside Rancher, and get the benefit of both?

Well I wonder if it can? Do you have clear answer for that?

Since rancher managed the network differently than docker will I get the ability to deploy into each docker network I created and watch on rancher web ui??