Docker 1.9, multi-host networking, Swarm, etc

I was wondering what RancherLabs’ thoughts are on the new Docker 1.9 release with multi-host networking support in Swarm and Compose. Would it be possible to use the Rancher UI and service management on top of a Docker Swarm using an overlay network?

We are very excited to see 1.9 come out with more native capabilities for networking. We will be embracing it fully and refactoring a lot of our code to be built on the Docker networking framework. You will continue to be able use Rancher with Swarm and Docker networking framework. Additionally you can still leverage all features of Rancher. Since 1.9 just came out we need to wait a bit for users to transition to 1.9 before we role out a lot of features that require 1.9. You be seeing a lot around Rancher and 1.9 in the coming months. (Just wait for DockerCon EU :smile:, we just might be showing some cool stuff)

That’s good to hear.

How much of the stuff talked about here has been implemented so far?

I hope that there’ll be fallbacks for non 1.9 users so we’re not forced to upgrade but can do it in a timely manner… :wink: