Need help in advanced cluster logging configuration

Hello community!

We need to ship RKE cluster logs to Elasticsearch including deployment failures, pods problems, invalid API requests etc. and excluding containers’ internal logs.

I’m trying to follow, item 4 (Edit as File). I’ve investigated default Fluentd configuration when cluster logging is enabled and I think simpliest “raw fluentd configuration for any logging service” in my case should look like this:

<match rke.**>
  @type elasticsearch
  index_name rancher

However when I press “Dry Run” I get “Something’s not quite right. Check your inputs.”. I’ve tried to put * in match clause and put whole raw Fluentd config (same as default but without cluster and project sources) but with same result.

So, my questions are:

  1. Am I thinking in correct direction in general?
  2. Could anyone share a working custom Fluentd configuration which one should put into file editor mentioned in the manual?