Logging with containerD runtime

Hello Team,

I have question regarding the rancher logging with fluentd.
I am running k8s 1.16 release and with containerD as runtime for container.
I configure the ranhcer logging on cluster level and project level with Elasticsearch (remotely).
Test validated but I am not able to see log in elasticsearch and kibana.

I can see only this line in kibana dashboard:

event:Rancher logging target setting validated sourcetype:rancher _id:dC9_lPOCj4TO-XRBqZUL _type:container_log _index:cluster-2020-07-28 _score:0

Below are concerns:

  • containerD supported for logging ?
  • Any changes we need to perform on daemoset if we are running containerd as runtime?
  • Unable to get timestamps such pattern in index in elasticserach
  • backslash issue
  • pattern not found warning

Could you please let me know the solution.