Need help w/ failing UI connection

Hi there. First off I want to apologize if this question has already been answered elsewhere. I Google’d various searches for about 4 hours yesterday trying to find an answer on my own before giving up in frustration.

I just “inherited” a Rancher environment from another engineer who is no longer w/ the company and who did not document any part of the environment. I have no knowledge of Rancher (total newbie) and I’m having to basically reverse engineer the whole platform blind.

The UI was working last week but this week when I attempt to connect to the UI via web browser, I get a message:

Secure Connection Failed

An error occurred during a connection to X.X.X.X:8443. PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR

I checked the port mapping of the rancher/rancher container and the ports are “dead” (e.g. not showing up) and if I restart the container, the ports get mapped for about 90 seconds and then disappear again. I checked the logs and I’m seeing some errors about TLS handshakes and certificates expired but I have no idea of how to fix this.

Normally I would take the time to review the documentation and figure this out on my own, but this is a production environment and I don’t have the time or luxury.

Can someone tell me where to look to try and find the root cause of the errors and how to fix them? I’m happy to provide any logs or configuration information if someone can tell me how to locate them.

@joebloe144 it’s possible that your certs have expired for Rancher. If your Rancher environment was installed onto an RKE cluster, you should be able to rotate the certs via the steps described in

If you used another environment / installation option, please file an issue with us at so we could look into it. We need the information from the issue template to figure out what the issue might be.