Network config with routes before bringing eth0 up

Hello all,
I my current setup, it’s required that I set IP address with netmask /32 while gateway is (completely different subnet).
When booting from ISO, I can do
sudo route add dev eth0 sudo ros config set sudo ros config set sudo ros config set false sudo netconf
and I’d get networking.

How can I put this in a cloud-config.yml file please? Note that the route command needs to executed before bringing up/configuring networking.
runcmd, bootcmd are not allowed for rancheros, also I can’t seem to be able to add any sort of user, or set a password to rancher user, in order to setup networking manually via console screen.


Have you tried something like:


        mtu: 1500
        dhcp: false
        - ip route add dev eth0

One really nice thing I use is that after making ros config set changes, you can find out what the cloud-config.yml file would look like by running ros config export.