Setting static IP address in rancherOS on virtualbox: "ros set" command does nothing

Hi folks

I am struggling with networking in rancherOS 0.4.3 installed in virtualbox

when I execute this:

$ sudo ros config set false

and then check for the result:

$ sudo ros config get      

the overall eth1 config

$ sudo ros config export -f|grep eth1 -A5
        dhcp: true
        mtu: 1500

any ideas what I am doing wrong?

I was just able to reproduce this issue in our latest rc (v0.4.4-rc2). Would you be able to file a bug in Github?

Created this issue:

Hello Denise, thanks for the response and for opening the issue.
I ended up using a customized DHCP server in my test environment to solve this problem.
If I may be of any help please let me know and I’ll try to do that.