Network interfaces DOWN when booting from ISO

Hi all, I’m trying to install RancherOS on a Dell blade server, to experiment a little.
Unfortunately, I can’t figure out a way to turn the network interfaces UP and proceed further. The NICs are correctly configured and networking works fine booting the server from an (L)ubuntu live image, as you can see from the picture: DHCP gives addresses and the server can access the Internet.

Unfortunately the same doesn’t happen with the RancherOS iso: after the ISO boots up, the interfaces are both on DOWN state. When experimenting with a VMWare VM, I didn’t encounter this issue and everything was working as expected, but somehow things are different on a physical server.

Is there any other step to perform for having it working that I missed?
Thanks a lot,

– Davide

Hi, after some investigation I found out that the problem is due to the missing firmware for the bnx2x network cards present in those blade systems. Unfortunately, the unavailability of those drivers in the installation media makes really difficult to deploy RancherOS as the main OS on many physical servers.