Installing iso v 0.3.3

He everyone,
I am trying to install rancherOS from iso and I am getting the following error while running rancheros-install command:
sudo rancheros-install -c cloud-config.yaml -d /dev/sda
No install type specified…defaulting to generic
All data will be wiped from this device
Partition: true
DEVICE: /dev/sda
Are you sure you want to continue? [yN]yUnable to find image ‘rancher/os:v0.3.3’ locally
Pulling repository rancher/os
Get dial tcp: lookup on dial udp network is unreachable

When I try to ping I am getting network is unreachable. Is there any type of firewall running that I need stop?

Can you share a bit more about your deployment? If or are not reachable that typically means you don’t have networking conifgured. If you run ip addr show do you see an address configured? Did DHCP work?

It appears that the issue was related to DNS resolution [:53] and things are working w/o any issue at the moment. Thanks for all help!