Network services stack duplicate IP assignment

Hi everyone,

I have a strange problem for a while: 3 nodes based on Debian 9 with latest Rancher (1.6.5) and Docker (17.06.0-ce) - network-services stack contains 3 containers, one for each node, but metadata container inside on two nodes always get the same IP address:

Everything works as expected, but I am still concerned as it looks strange and was unable to find such issue for anyone else.

Any ideas, please?


Excuse me for following up - nobody knows?

There’s nothing wrong here. The metadata container uses bridged networking so it gets an IP from docker, which are independent on each host. If every host was empty when you started they would all be In this case there were 2 other containers assigned IPs so the one on node01 got .4.

To actually access metadata from inside a container, you use http://rancher-metadata/, or