Network setup in Rancher when a container is created

Hi All,

I am new to Rancher (and docker as well) and would like some help in understanding how Rancher interacts with a container to setup networking.

From what I can tell, Rancher use CNI rather than Dockers CNM, so after a container is setup, it uses a plugin to create host & container network interfaces by interacting with the host + containers network namespace using low level sys calls.

However, does this mean that when a container is created by the Rancher agent, does it tell docker to create a container with network=none ?

I ask this because there is no docker0 network interface in the containers created by Rancher.

I guess my question is, are these the steps that occur ?

 1. Rancher agent launches a container using docker with no networking
 2. Rancher executes a CNI plugin with whatever networking is setup in the environ template (ipsec for example)