Adding CNI plugins to Rancher


I’d like to try macvlan networking with Rancher. But I don’t know how to add and configure the corresponding plugin. I cannot find any documentation on the topic.

Please advice, if possible.


Hi @Andrey, currently Rancher supports IPsec and VXLAN networking plugins and these plugins take care of overlay networking across different hosts. To get a network driver using MACVLAN, one would have to take care of the cross host networking, IPAM, etc.

Can you please elaborate on your needs so that I can assist you better?

Hi @leodotcloud,

Thank you for your response. I needed to enable restarting containers (e.g. after host or OS crash) with same IP addresses, so that they could still be reached from non-containerized applications (pre-configured to access containerized servers by particular IPs).

But seems that it’s easier to solve this problem by using symbolic address (not IPs) and Mesos DNS to resolve the names.