New DNS system configuration will break on SUSE15 SP4 upgrade

If a DNS server is configured to run chrooted - it will break after a SP4 migration that changes the way the DNS server runs. The chrooted packages were remove to use some sort of systemd security (why I do not know). This change breaks the configuration of a chrooted DNS server.

I found that /etc/named.conf.include gets deleted, the /etc/sysconfig/named doesn’t change, which is confusing because it still has the run_chroorted directive there when a fresh install removes that directive. The log file paths need to be changed because in a chrooted setup the logs are placed in /var/lib/named/log if the file directive in named.conf is /var/log/…

Everything appears to work ok after these change are addressed but this is a unacceptable change for a service pack release. These type of changes should not be made unless they were thoroughly test before hand and documented. Which none of this was done.

So please beware.